Unlock the full value of your NFTs

Maximize the return on your NFTs with cross-chain, instant loans while keeping their utility.


Limited time $UNLK airdrop for early supporters who help build the Unlockd community.

How it works

Deposit your NFTs

Deposit your assets in the Unlockd Custody Contract with just a couple of clicks. You still enjoy all their utility!

Get your assets appraised

Take a standard LTV instantly or wait for your NFT to be crowd-valued and unlock 85% LTV. Or both!

Borrow tokens

Select the tokens to borrow, and unlock liquidity immediately.

Keep your position healthy

Unlockd loans are open-ended, with no due date as long as you keep your borrow limit healthy.


Keep NFT utility

Keep full access to airdrops, yield, in-game perks, allowlists and all NFT holder utilities, while using it as collateral.

Highest LTV

Unlockd obtains price data from 6 different crowdsourced and algorithmic appraisers to offer loans up to 85% LTV.

Instant Loans

Don't waste time waiting to agree with a lender, get an open-ended loan on the spot. No rush to repay.

Enhanced liquidity

Unlockd DAO Treasury protects lenders. Plus, our liquidity framework ensures liquidations at market value.

Use Cases

Unlockd is the decentralized protocol that provides cross-chain NFT liquidity and utility for Gaming, Metaverse, Art and DeFi digital assets.


Testnet Launch

July 2022

The first testnet deployment  will allow users to borrow tokens by collateralizing a loan with an NFT.


Q3 2022

Users will be able to provide multiple NFTs as collateral in a single transaction, with diversified risk and extra borrowing power.

Custody Wallet

Q3 2022

Unlockd's Custody Contracts will allow locking NFTs indefinitely while preserving the on-chain utility of the asset.

Next Steps

  • Custody Sub-Accounts
  • Segregated Pools
  • Fungible Collateral



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