Crypto needs better debt solutions. Crypto needs Unlockd.

Unlockd's mission is helping people achieve financial freedom by unlocking the full value of their digital assets.


We believe in the trustless philosophy of blockchain and work tirelessly to create systems that are transparent and reliable, transitioning into a DAO as soon as the governance can be deployed.

Forward Thinking

We are constantly exploring new ways to use blockchain technology to create a better, more equitable world for everyone, paving the way for the future of NFTs and DeFi loans.


We want to make our products and services accessible to as many people as possible, in a fair and decentralized manner. We believe in the power of democratization, and we put our long-term vision above any economic incentives.


We believe in building bridges between people and technologies through a supportive and inclusive community that welcomes everyone. Together, we enjoy exploring the fun and creative potential of NFTs.

Art or Gaming, Metaverse assets or Real-World tokenization, Utility NFTs or Financial Instruments: we believe in a world where all digital assets are as valuable and useful as non-fungible physical assets.


Let's unlock the future of the digital economy together.

Jorge Schnura

CEO & Co-Founder

Carlos Otermin

COO & Co-Founder

Arnau Ramió

Product Director

Xavier Recio

Business Dev. Director

Josep Bové

Tech Supervisor

Filipe Venancio

Tech Lead

Eric Lee

Sr. Solidity Dev

Adrià Pajares

Smart Contract/Solidity Dev + Cybersecurity

Juan Carlos Cantó

Sr. Solidity Dev

Enric Borrallo

Solidity Dev

Alejandro Roige

Data Scientist

Arnau Ortiz

PO & UX Lead

Manuel Barzi

Web3 Engineer

Miguel Díaz

Frontend Dev

Federico López

Frontend Dev

Paula Norberto

UI Designer

Bernardo Bouzas

Head of Community

Roger Guardia

Graphic Designer